SMART Recovery UK

Contact: Monica Langa

The Capital Building
3rd Floor
13 St Andrew Square
United Kingdom

Tel: 0131 524 9020


About SMART Recovery UK

For 20 years across the world, SMART Recovery has helped thousands of people with and affected by addictive behaviours.  In the UK where we have operated since 2007, there are currently over 400 weekly SMART Recovery meetings; a figure that continues to rise as the charity diversifies and grows.  SMART Recovery UK facilitates recovery in the lives of individuals, families and communities which have been harmfully affected by addictive behaviours.  Through a competent and dedicated team of staff, volunteers, partners and supporters, we provide knowledge and skills to enable people to gain independence.

What we do

Our purpose is to help individuals seeking abstinence from addictive behaviours to gain independence, achieve recovery and lead meaningful and satisfying lives.

Our journey

Incorporated in the USA in 1994 as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Self-Help Network, the organisation started operating under the SMART Recovery name in the same year.   SMART Recovery is now available in several countries including Australia, Canada, China, India, Kenya, South Africa, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom, USA and Uzbekistan.  There are now approximately 1,400 weekly community, clinic, residential, prison and online based meetings worldwide; including 373 in the UK.  SRUK is a forward thinking and diverse organisation that takes pride in our ability to help individuals seeking abstinence from addictive behaviours.

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