Surviving redundancy

Published on: 8 Nov 2012

Redundancy can be a tremendous shock but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. People do survive redundancy and many use it as an opportunity to restart their careers.


Here are ten things you need to consider if you’re made redundant:

  1. Remain positive, establish a daily routine and keep busy. You may feel angry and frustrated but it’s important that you channel your energies into your job search and remain active.
  2. Take control of your finances by setting a budget for your weekly spend and notifying your bank and mortgage provider.
  3. Do a skills audit to identify what you can bring to future employers and where you might need to brush up.
  4. Consider building new skills and expanding your horizons by trying something new, perhaps as a contractor/temporary worker or volunteering.
  5. Get advice from friends who’ve been through something similar. Speak to a recruitment consultant about the market and seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau and JobCentre.
  6. Think about the type of organisation you’d like to work for and research companies that fit the bill.
  7. Revisit and update your CV, highlighting your achievements and skills.
  8. Spend some time networking through social media sites like LinkedIn and follow target employers on Facebook.
  9. Be honest about your situation and be prepared to talk about the reasons for your redundancy and what you’ve done since – it’ll help show your resourcefulness and drive.
  10. Seek out and listen to feedback as you go through the recruitment process to help you adapt your approach to job hunting, applications and interviews.


For more help and advice, download our guide to Surviving redundancy.